Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Is this thing on?

No one reads my blog anyways sooo why not post??
Reading over my past blogs seems so much has changed in my life.
Wowers!!! You look up and the people that you thought would never leave you have scurried like rodents when the lights are turned on. You hear older folks say things like that all the time and you blow them off... Thinking to yourself "that will never be me." Boy was I wrong. Heeding the wisdom of our elders would save us so much grief. Why is it that we don't listen more often? I am just checking to make sure this thing is still on. Mic check 1, 2!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Foreign Exchange Project

So this poem is written for a special friend who has encouraged me to begin blogging again. What will be hilarious is if she never even reads this...

Foreign Exchange Project
She was a hacky sack type of hyper when I spotted her
Oozing with salutation and smiles as she puffed her cigarette and exhaled
Giggling like a child with a gleeful glimmer in her toasted almond eyes
I was excited to meet her and
She couldn’t have been more happy to see me (and everyone else)
Like a bumble bee was buzzing in her panties
She was painting my evening a brighter shade of blue
And I was thankful for the unfamiliar warmth her smile held
I was ungluing all my misconceptions of her from the moment she spoke to me
“Hi, I’m Digh” is all she said.
Nothing exotic or foreign to it.
An exchange so matter of fact and bold that I will always remember that moment for what it was… unexpected and real.
So many things had been expressed to her about me, and to me about her from mutual friends; but we had never met. Until that moment I was just the black Christian poet from San Antonio and she was just the foreign Indian poet. The stranger poet living in, Corpus Christi, a city I knew all too well and loathed it for too many reasons to count.
But it was home just like her friendship. Welcoming like a coastal city breeze can be with a bit of salt and humidity to boot. Little did I know that her poetry was the truth and root of wisdom I needed to grow. Her talent the humbling kind spell binding me to silence when she’d recite prose or sing me a tune for a distant lover.
Little did she know then that she’d become my sister from another mister. As she spent her summer cooking me curry and opening my eyes to a culture I never once bothered to contemplate let alone comprehend.
From the moment we met she was and will always be my friend.
No pretending, but we do challenge each other to pursue our respective paths.
Place our passion and caution on a scale and weigh the possible outcomes. So we find ourselves gathering our gifts together to present them to the time as an offering… as a rites of passage to the future. We lay our journeys on the altar of hope not knowing what blessings or misfortunes may befall us.
And we share with each other because compensating for all our short comings alone is just exhausting. And beauty is much more breath taking when we gasp and grasp for it together. She is the bosom buddy that I will take to the grave, but her love is already buried in my heart…
In exchange I have given her mine whether she knows it or not.
I guess my love for a foreigner is all I’ve got. What a great way to pass the time.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Broken Circle

"silence and panic are synonymous. lashes flutter, heart beat stutters, a collective internal gasp... a frozen moment burned into my mind." -Vocab

So this is my status statement on facebook right now and this moment describes how my sisterhood circle was broken. Names will be omitted to to protect identities. Here goes...

There I was sitting at Jim's about 4 a.m. Saturday night going into Sunday. My 4 closest female friends that live in the city and I were all eating out after dancing and celebrating my bday. I kept feeling like all night that the night would end disastrously even though lovely moments had occurred throughout... nothing could prepare me for the glass shattering rock that would break the beautiful image of lovely female bonding before me.
I had just been basking in the glow of warmth that friendship brings when out of the box... one of my friend looks up from her phone and drops the proverbial bomb.
She announces to the table that she has been receiving texts from a guy and he was "getting fresh with her." Only problem is the guy is already involved with another one of my other friends that is sitting at the table.
My response to the bomb dropper "___(insert her name)___ let's go have a talk."
She then to twist the knife in a little deeper she repeats her statement to the table about old boy getting fresh. She then hands me her phone so I can review the texts. All eyes on me dead silence. I am panicking scared out of my mind trying to deciphere the exchange.

it's at this point that I will tell you that all night there has been friction and tension between my 2 friends. I mean he(the dude getting fresh) was there earlier in the night and rock thrower was kinda flirting with him. Which was making my other home girls head spin. Plus the 2 had exchanged some sharp words over whose present (my bday gifts) was better and more personal. I think it goes deeper for my home girl that was texting. Perhaps my girl that was getting the texts feels slighted, threatened, bruised ego about whatever. Who knows what can make emotions rise like yeast.
All I know is that she waited to just the right moment to strike with the ultimate blow. Ending all of our evening sourly.

I know beyond a doubt that we can never have the strength and beauty we shared back again. Power and strength lies in women uniting and it's unfortunate that a man ended up coming between them. Funny thing is I think he was just a pawn and g.friend number 2 wasn't even interested in him. He was used because she knew it would hurt my other friend so much to know he was stepping out on her.

Now as for me, I have some evaluating to do. Some decisions to make. Maybe some friendships to end. That particular double cross was taken very personal on my part. Even though it wasn't directed at me I keep thinking: If she is capable of doing that to her. What would she do to me if opportunity presented itself?

Sadly there is even more to this story than I am telling but it's getting a lil long so I will cut it short here.
I have done some crying and a whole lot of sad sleeping over this situation.
I can't stand a broken circle.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Rosa Clemente

Tonight I opened for Rosa Clemente OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't even know what I was walking into and boy was I nervous. She is the most wonderful and intelligent down to earth person. MAN!! Pic coming soon hopefully if she emails it to me. She said she would. SO I took the liberty of posting some info of hers I got from WIKI!! MAN I am floored is all I gotta say.

Rosa Alicia Clemente (born 18 April 1972) is a United States community organizer, independent journalist and Hip-Hop activist. She is the vice presidential running mate of 2008 Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney.[1]
Clemente was born and raised in South Bronx, New York. She is a graduate of the University of Albany and Cornell University. Clemente has been delivering workshops, presentations and commentary for over ten years.
Clemente's academic work has focused on research of national liberation struggles within the United States, with a specific focus on the Young Lords Party and the Black Liberation Army. While a student at SUNY Albany, she was President of the Albany State University Black Alliance (ASUBA) and Director of Multicultural Affairs for the Student Association. At Cornell she was a founding member of La Voz Boriken, a social/political organization dedicated to supporting Puerto Rican political prisoners and the independence of Puerto Rico.
Clemente has written for Clamor Magazine, The Ave. magazine, The Black World Today, The Final Call and numerous websites. She has been the subject of articles[citation needed] in the Village Voice, The New York Times, Urban Latino and The Source magazines. She has appeared on CNN, C-Span, Democracy Now and Street Soldiers. In 2001, she was a youth representative at the United Nations World Conference against Xenophobia, Racism and Related Intolerance in South Africa and in 2002 was named[citation needed] by Red Eye Magazine as one of the top 50 Hip Hop Activists to look out for.
In 1995, she developed Know Thy Self Productions (KTSP), a full service speakers bureau, production company and media consulting service. Seeing a need for young people of color to be heard and taken seriously she began presenting workshops and lectures at colleges, universities, high schools, and prisons. In the past ten years she has presented at over 200 colleges, conferences and community centers on topics such as "African-American and Latino/a Intercultural Relations", "Hip-Hop Activism", "The History of the Young Lords Party", and "Women, Feminism and Hip Hop". KTSP now includes an expanded college speakers bureau which has produced three major Hip Hop activism tours, "Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win" with M1 of dead prez and Fred Hampton Jr.; "The ACLU College Freedom Tour" with dead prez, DJ Kuttin Kandi, Mystic and comedian Dave Chappelle; and the "Speak Truth to Power" Tour a collaborative tour of award winning youth activists.
In 2003, Clemente helped form and coordinate the first ever National Hip Hop Political Convention that drew over 3000 activists who came together to create and implement a national political agenda for the Hip-Hop generation. 10 days after Hurricane Katrina ravaged parts of the south, Clemente traveled to the areas as an independent journalist and her on-the-ground reports were broadcast on independent radio stations all over the world, including Air America, NPR, Pacifica Radio, Democracy Now, Indymedia, Hard Knock Radio and many more independent and mainstream media outlets.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

2nd Verse Oct. 10th Recap

October 10 was another successful night of poetry under our belt. SO far so good!!
2nd Verse has become the answer to my prayers, supplication, and intercession all that WOOSAA! I must say again how good it is to have a local poetry spot I can come to and feel at home. No drama just good vibes and love.

Tonight we still had a packed house despite having to move our regularly scheduled program to a Friday night… further proving that San Antonio loves it’s poetry.

So here’s How, Who and What of the night in no particular order:

I (Vocab) kicked off the show accompanied by Zach on the drum with Speak of Woes.
Chris Ford read 2 and came back later with another piece later in the night
Zach read 2
Vunique read an excerpt from her up and coming book and came back with a short piece
Candice read 2 and man she was preaching to me with that second poem
Monique (Purobaby!) read 2 and came back for 1 more later in the night @ my request
Glo with A Womans Scorn ( I love that damn poem)
Isis Blue came through and did Cooley High Harmony still love it!!

Hill who I haven’t seen in years gave us 1 poem
Kiri dressed to the nines gave us 1 poem
Black Lotus (from H-town) gave us 3 pieces in total and got the standing ovation!! WOO
W.C. came up and did an impromptu piece with a “male muse” at her side modeling
Supa the “male muse” did a song called Passion after he finished being eye candy lol
C.W. Deuce our other other white poet hit the mic w/ a poem on a palm pilot high tech!
Kinton (even hit the mic wow!! I been waiting to hear you again)
I (Vocab Andrea whateva)closed out the show at the end of the night with one last poem.
*Midnight Radio came thru and unveiled a new song and new cover tune as a part of our set!

So when it was all said and done we had 15 poets with about 21 poems and two musical sets WOW WHAT A NIGHT. And to think I was so nervous cause when I started there was only 5 poets on the list and 1/3 of a crowd by the middle of the first poem the room was full and so was the list. I swear people came out of no where ha ha.
See you next month November 8th for another addition of 2nd Verse.

16535 Huebner Rd. Suite 112
San Antonio, Texas
Free for out of town performing poets.
Blessings see you soon!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Haiku 4 You

Cleaning Haiku
Wipe down the toilet
Spray bottle clicking so quick.
Cleaning can feel gross.
If I have to haul
one more bag to the dumpster
I will just collapse!

I discovered me!!
plastic bags filled with poems
these words are my life.

Tears frenchkiss my eyes
we have a makeout session
full, deep... without lips

My sister walks in
catches me crying and thinks
poems cause the pain.

Keyboard in motion

Why I don't write more haiku... haiku

I hate counting you!
Syllables are tricky things
I messed up haiku.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sept 13th 2nd Verse

Greetings Loved Ones,
I just wanted to thank everyone that came out to make The Official opening of 2nd Verse a success!! We were packed with standing room only our opening night… despite hurricane and evacuations. The turn out was a blessing from on high and Glo, Kinton, and I are overjoyed by the response from the community.
God held the rain from San Antonio but words flooded our souls and the wind of wisdom blew from poetic lips with ease. Special thanks to DJ Scef, Element 615, Edwin, and Angie G for enduring the possible threat of bad weather to be with us from out of town. Shout out to our microphone “virgins” Camille and Liz for enduring the jitters and speaking from your soul. Kudos to my band Midnight Radio for gracing us with music AND with the accompaniment of Rene Ford on saxophone I would venture to say we rocked the house soulfully. In no particular order this is what happened:

Midnight Radio opened the show with our new song Belvedere, and Angel:


T.S. Alex (FIRST ON THE MIC did 2 pieces from his respective chap books)
Chailyn Kavi 2 poems brand new piece about becoming a fire fighter and love poem
Edwin Deleon did a piece thank you for the good male energy on the mic
Edwin (from ATX)
Element 615
Glo did her piece ‘her house smells like death’
Kiri did her piece about loving poetry
Liz did 2 pieces gave a shout out to Chipotle
Camille gave us a bit about friendship and the lack thereof
Vocab Give me Jazz
Zach gave us two poems about music and jazz
Scef performed Brown Boys
Midnight Radio did a set to take us into a fun filled intermission
And we came back for a couple more poems from out of towners and
Chris Ford gave us a piece about his father
Then Midnight Radio came back and gave 2 more songs to close the night

*If I left anyone off this list of performers please forgive me because, I don’t have the open mic list in front of me to refer to it...

Join us October 11th for the next installment of 2nd verse.

Thank you Mel Williams for allowing us into crowd up your venue
16535 Huebner Rd San Antonio TX. Winestyles
Check us out on the net